David and Melissa

We’re David and Melissa, we’re excited to serve the Lord in Japan! We are from Louisville, Kentucky where we met and married in 2014. David graduated from Asbury University with a degree in Media Communications and Melissa graduated from University of Louisville with her Bachelor’s of Arts. Both of us love serving Jesus and His bride with all the Lord has given us!

Moving to Japan was definitely not something we originally had in our long term plans. David had been working a steady job as a digital marketer for a Christian publishing company when in 2017, we experienced the Lord in new ways we’d never seen before! The miracles we witnessed spurred us into a season of revival and rededication to the Lord. It was January 1st of 2018 that changed the trajectory of our lives forever: we had already finished our usual nightly routine, turned out the lights and said goodnight. In the dark, David’s voice quietly and confidently said “I believe the Lord is calling us into full time missions and I believe the place He’s calling us to is Japan.” You can imagine Melissa’s surprise! To confirm this direction, we decided as a couple to fast and pray for one year, fasting all television, movies, secular music, anything that was a distraction from seeking the Lord. The following year God confirmed His voice in too many ways to count! Strangers would tell us the Lord was calling us to missions, worship songs we’d never heard before would come on about Japan, dreams and visions and more followed us echoing the Lord’s confirmation time and time again. And as we began to learn more and more of the great need for the Gospel in Japan, God began to increase the burden and love on our hearts for the people of Japan to know the love of Jesus.  



In joining with the bigger picture of planting churches with PAZ Church in Tokyo, our hearts are specifically to provide a safe space, a place for people to heal and receive the love of God. Our long term goal is to host short term teams, missionaries, Japanese and whoever else the Lord leads to us!