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Joy Martin

Hey, I’m Joy! I’ve been serving the Lord in missions now for nearly ten years, and from 2017-present I have been full-time. I’ve ministered on four continents, with a focus in Asia/Himalayas, and have recently teamed up with PAZ to preach the Gospel and help plant churches in Japan. Nice to meet you!

Before joining PAZ, I served as a missionary in the Himalayas, ministering to the different kingdoms and peoples surrounding those majestic mountains, and to some of the most remote places on earth. There’s nothing like seeing the sun rise above the Himalayas, painting them pink and gold. But even while I was serving the beautiful Himalayan peoples, I was praying for the Japanese. The Lord called me to Japan when I was child, and I’ve carried the Japanese in prayer and intercession now for over ten years.


In 2020, the Lord opened the door and I transitioned to serving with PAZ. I cannot wait to join the team there to help prepare the glorious Bride of Christ in Japan for the return of her Bridegroom!
I’m hoping to launch to Japan in a couple of months, or as soon as the borders open and the funds come in!

If you’ve read this, I pray that God will bless you with every spiritual blessing in the Heavenly places, and with all knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Shoot me an email at consideritalljoy@protonmail.com and we can talk vision!