Deprivation of basic rights marks the childhood of 9 million children and
adolescents living in the Brazilian Amazon. National health indicators,
children’s education and safety reveal that the Amazon is considered the worst
place to be a kid in the country. The situation is pointed out by the report “Welfare and
multiple deprivations in childhood and adolescence in Brazil”, by the United Nations
Nations for Children (UNICEF). Among so many boys and girls subjected to
multiple deprivations of rights with direct implications for their development, the
The situation is more serious for declared indigenous and quilombola groups.

According to the BBC article, Glinda Sousa, a social worker from Breves –
PA, reports: “A lot of people care about the Amazon. The gringo cares, the government
says he cares, but do they know we exist? that here is not
just bush and fresh water?”

It is heartbreaking to see reports like this, to see people feeling invisible and
children growing up in environments that corrode their souls.

But we know that the Amazon is not invisible, especially for our
Lord Jesus!

All that God has done in us and through us is to pour out more and more.
His love and care for those people who have felt slighted and
neglected by everyone.